Erasmus Without Paper, aiming to digitalise the paper-based workflow from the Erasmus+ mobility process, has been launched on the 12th December at a conference hosted by Ghent University.
We are proud to announce that based on the Transparency At Work ranking, ESN was rated as the 2nd best employer in Brussels.
The future of the Erasmus+ lies in less paperwork and bureaucracy. From now on, the Online Learning Agreement (OLA) also supports E+ traineeships or placements.
The conference “Quality Internships: A first step towards a proper employment?” took place in Brussels.
The Social Inclusion Leaders’ Meeting gathered over 60 project coordinators. During five days they were sharing the knowledge, ideas, and inspiration in order to increase the social impact of the network and prepare for the year ahead.
Social Inclusion Days is an initiative that brings together international students and local communities through volunteering and advocate for inclusive mobility programmes.
Young citizens debating face-to-face with European decision-makers? That was the Citizens' Dialogue.
ESN together with organisations from the Disability, Youth and Higher Education fields started a project for a more inclusive mobility.
Over 150,000 ESN members signed up during the first year of the partnership, saving over €5m on their travel costs!
Europe's largest international higher education conference, took place during 11-14 September 2018 and welcomed over 5700 higher education professionals from 95 countries - including the representatives of ESN!