The project HousErasmus+ is ESN's biggest project ever. It tackled an important obstacle for mobility: the lack of affordable accommodation for international students and trainees during their mobility period. In particular, the hinders faced by exchange students as one of the main beneficiaries of Erasmus+ were examined.

The project aimed to provide a comprehensive mapping of the nationally, regionally and locally diverse situation for international student accommodation in chosen European countries. The housing market is in general determined by national legislation and often shaped by regional and local policies. However, this project aimed to take note of the local factors, choose focus areas where to conduct study visits, perform further in-depth analysis and draft policy recommendations for the European level in terms the best practices found.

The research was coordinated by the European University Foundation and included:

The project included several stages; the initial mapping and choice of focus areas, study visits and surveys which address all main actors involved (students, International Relations Offices, municipalities/regions, housing providers etc.) which all contributed to the concrete policy recommendations mentioned above.