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eXpress #19: Life at the Local Level



With over 440 sections and 13,500 volunteers, the local level is the foundation of ESN. Time and time again, our sections have shown ingenuity in organising exciting and innovative events, dedication in volunteering their time and energy, and sincerity in engaging with their universities and local communities. It only seems appropriate to bring the spotlight to where it all began, back to our sections at the local level.

Among other topics, you can find inside:

  • Local and national events in ESN countries
  • The core projects of ESN International in 2014: STORY, Mov'in Europe and SocialErasmus! 
  • ESN sections joining forces in the Section Cooperation: ESN Milano United, Belgium + Luxembourg and the Panathenian Team!

We hope you enjoy reading this magazine as much as we have enjoyed making it!


eXpress #18: Career of an ESNer



This issue focuses on employability and the professional career of young volunteers. It’s time to recognise not only the wonderful memories, events, friends and experience we gain from our beloved organisation, but also the prospects that ESN opens up for us and ways in which ESN better prepares us for the “real world”.

All that and a bit more:

  • Encouraging words and advice from our ESN Alumni
  • What you need to know about the new Erasmus+ programme
  • Internship experiences, job interviews, ESN success stories
  • Double interview with Stefan Jahnke and Jonathan Jelves, President and Treasurer of ESN AISBL 2013/2014

Enjoy your reading!



eXpress #17: Get Inspired!



Are you in need of some extra inspiration? In this edition we will present you a few inspiring initiatives from our network to help your creative mind - from cooperation projects to a sports tournament. Go back in time on a Swiss cruise and get emotional reading one more Erasmus love story. Let us convince you that small may be mighty - look at our sections!

All that and a bit more:

  • How did you join ESN? Inspiring personal stories submitted by volunteers through #myESNstory campaign
  • How research helps ESN and how it can help empower the sections
  • Corporate Identity in ESN - What? How? Why?
  • Interview with Dominique Montagnese, VIce-President of ESN AISBL 2013/2014

Enjoy your reading!



eXpress #16: The People of ESN



In this edition, we present you the actors of our network on the local, national and international levels. We introduce the hot topic of entrepreneurship in ESN and present you the President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz. You will read about Erasmus students (and maybe ESNers) falling in love. From the newest sections in ESN to the precious Alumni that ensure us a great life after ESN.

Among these and other topics, you can find inside:

  • Non-Formal Education and European Youth Work
  • Interviews with National Presidents of ESN countries
  • Interviews with three generations of international Vice-Presidents of ESN
  • Interview with Juan Colino, Communication Manager of ESN AISBL 2012/2013

Enjoy your reading!