PRIME (Problems of Recognition in Making Erasmus) is a research project of ESN addressing the continuing challenges concerning recognition procedures for outgoing exchange students. PRIME was carried out in 2009 and 2010 following up on the results of the ESNSurveys 2006 and 2007, showing that full recognition was not yet a reality.

It was supported by the European Commission under an Erasmus Accompanying Measures grant within the Lifelong Learning Programme. PRIME project was launched in 2009 and continued for the second edition a year after.

A new study was conducted in 2013 within the STORY project.


  • Improve the quality of study abroad experience for Erasmus students and thus promoting and increasing the learning mobility.
  • Draw attention of the stakeholders and parties involved in the process of recognition to ever-lasting problems and obstacles students face
  • Provide students with good practices and possible solutions to these obstacles.
  • Collect best practices among participating Higher Education Institutions and through their dissemination to contribute to the improvement of the situation.
  • Provide suggestions for improvements in order to facilitate student exchange in Europe

Research reports