As the new Erasmus Programme and the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) aim to achieve better inclusiveness in mobility programmes, higher education authorities and institutions are in the process of considering, planning and implementing reforms to widen participation of students from disadvantaged groups in mobility programmes.

In this project an international consortium will organise peer learning activities on social inclusion in mobility programmes to strengthen mutual learning and deepen the exchange of practices between EHEA countries in different implementation stages. Ministry representatives and international and inclusion officers will be supported to draw up plans on how to overcome their specific challenges. Based on identified needs, the consortium will develop a multi-use ‘toolbox on inclusive mobility” that contains a policy report and database on national social inclusion measures and practices that have been implemented across EHEA to widen the participation of students from disadvantaged groups in mobility.

The project is coordinated by SIHO, a Flemish body working for social inclusion in education.