Erasmus Student Network (ESN) partners up for the second time with Tomorrowland.
42 board members from 19 National Organisations gathered in Istambul for a training event
Thank you – this wouldn’t be possible without you!
Important step toward making international mobility opportunities more inclusive
The ESN Health and Well-being Week was organised for the first time from the 21st to the 27th of October 2019
ESN organises regional training events for the members of the network, providing them with the chance to meet and share knowledge
By investing in the Erasmus Generation, our partners are encouraging the empowerment of international students
More than 1.292 SocialErasmus activities were organised by ESN and its partner organisations
Through the research ESNsurvey 2019 we assessed their approach and views towards voting, with a focus on the European elections.
Over 60 ESN volunteers who advocate for social inclusion in our organisation, both on the local and national levels.