The Erasmus Student Network is thrilled to take part in the Annual Conference of the European Association of International Education, one of our long-standing partners with whom we have collaborated for years to improve international education and raise the voice of the Erasmus Generation.

As the biggest student association working in the field of international student mobility and the largest Erasmus alumni network in the world, the Erasmus Student Network is delighted to join the International Education community to discuss the most pressing issues in the internationalisation field. 

Additionally, we are eager to showcase the results of the XV ESNsurvey, whose preliminary findings are set to be published soon. We anticipate the opportunity to present these results to the members of the EAIE, further enriching the conversations around international education. The insights gathered from the survey will undoubtedly contribute to the collective understanding of the current state and future trends in internationalisation.

A delegation of ESN volunteers from across our network will also be part of the conference, supporting participants to make the most out of their conference experience. On top of that, representatives from our member organisations, ESN Romania, ESN Switzerland, ESN Poland and ESN Austria, will also take part in it. 

We are pleased to contribute to the content of the event with a number of sessions and posters on topics such as barriers faced by students, widening participation in student mobility,  making international student mobility more sustainable or digitalisation and simplification of procedures: 

  • Using students as our compass to navigate the cross tides of sustainability and internationalisation - Session 02.14 - Wednesday 27 Sept 09:00-10:00 Dock 15, Level 1, Rotterdam Ahoy; 

  • Mobility Advising presents: Using data to inform strategic mobility support decisions - Session 02.05 - Wednesday 27 Sept 09:00-10:30 Port 1C, Level 2, Rotterdam Ahoy; 

  • Swimming upstream – understanding the barriers to going abroad for underrepresented students - Session 03.13 - Wednesday 27 Sept 13:30-14:30 Dock 15, Level 1, Rotterdam Ahoy; 

  • Erasmus+ services for students in the digital era - Session 05.05 - Thursday 28 Sept 09:30-10:30 Rotterdam A, Level 2, Rotterdam Ahoy; 

  • Encouraging green mobility practices in Erasmus+ - Session 05.07 - Thursday 28 Sept 09:30-10:30 Port 1C, Level 2, Rotterdam Ahoy;

  • Green Erasmus: Approaching sustainable mobility as a life cycle - Poster 228 - Thursday 28 Sept 10:30-12:00 Level 2, Level 1, Rotterdam Ahoy;

  • Erasmus Without Paper: Connecting systems to connect cultures - Session 06.01 - Thursday 28 Sept 11:30-12:30 Dock 10A, Level 1, Rotterdam Ahoy;

  • The confluence of competences gained abroad and the global world of work - Session 06.07 - Thursday 28 Sept 11:30-12:30 Dock 1A, Level 1, Rotterdam Ahoy;

  • Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Programmes: Overcoming administrative challenges and focusing on student support - Session 07.06 - Thursday 28 Sept 14:00-15:00 Port 1C, Level 2, Rotterdam Ahoy;

  • The Erasmus Generation Portal: A new home for all services provided by the Erasmus Student Network - Poster 317 - Thursday 28 Sept 14:30-16:00 Level 2, Level 1, Rotterdam Ahoy;

  • From paperwork to people work: How to turn international officers from administrators to coaches - Session 10.13 - Thursday 29 Sept 10:30-11:30 Dock 12, Level 1, Rotterdam Ahoy

Contact us! We would love to meet you!

Contact us if you are interested in project collaborations, fostering student support and involvement at all levels, or increasing your connection with our national and local members.

Do not hesitate to connect with the members of our delegation on Linkedin or to drop us an email at [email protected] if you would like to connect with us during the event:

  • Rita Dias - President responsible for overall policy coordination, quality mobility, student support and student engagement.

  • Wim Gabriels - Director, responsible for project coordination. Inclusion and diversity expert, Mobility Advising Expert Community

  • Paola Di Marzo - Project Officer, responsible for projects related to environmental sustainability.

  • Adél Smejkalová- Vice President for Training and Development, responsible for topics connected to the network's development, Social Impact, capacity building and training in the network as well as Youth Work.

  • Lina Mohorić- Communication Manager responsible for the brand of ESN and representing the voice of the Erasmus Generation. 

  • Darwyn Bruelemans, is responsible for the digital experience for mobility.

You can also get in touch with our national presidents: