You might have heard that EXPO 2015 is over, but this month Milan is getting even more attention with a Section in the Spotlight for November. Mamma mia, it’s ESN Politecnico Milano!

ESN Politecnico Milano

Founded in 1992, ESN Politecnico Milano is one of the oldest and biggest sections of ESN Italy, with more than 1600 international students and 50 active members. A section of this dimension requires the active participation of all members, and a variety of activities for the incoming students. They succeeded in doing this by dividing their members into different working groups led by a coordinator and a reference board member.

ESN Politecnico Milano

The section is creative and innovative when it comes to organising events. Two of the most original activities the section promotes are “How to Cook”, a course on preparing Italian food supervised by a chef in a professional kitchen, as well as “24x1h”, a 24-hour sport event combined with enjoying music and a barbecue. ESN Politecnico Milano is also proud of their flagship event known as “Crazy Countdown”, an event to celebrate New Year’s Eve. With over 2500 international students in attendance, the celebration consists of a city tour, a dinner and a party. This year the section is preparing the 7th edition of this successful event.

ESN Politecnico Milano shows how a big section can go even bigger with original ideas. Not only do they make sure that the large amount of exchange students in the city enjoys their exchange, but the section also welcomes others to Milan with open arms. Congratulations to ESN Politecnico Milano!

by Alejandra Dubeibe