A picture of people hugging on a stage and a screen showing the word "Porto".
Among Nicosia, Sofia, Istanbul and Sevilla, Porto wins the title this year!
A dark blue background with an image of a publication's cover and text: "A European Degree for more and better student mobility. ESN’s reaction to the Blueprint for a European Degree".
Reaction of the Erasmus Student Network to the Blueprint for a European Degree
Dark blue background and text: "The day is here: resources exhausted, students still midway!"
The day is here: Resources exhausted, students still midway!
A group of young people holding a big flag made of many other country flags.
Dive into the Erasmus Generation Meeting Seville 2024 and all the happenings of the third edition of the biggest student-led conference in Europe!
A young woman smiling with arms wide open. The legend reads: "Voice your vision"
ESN is gearing up for its participation in the European Youth Week, organised in Brussels by the European Commission and in LevelUp!, by the European Youth Forum.
Sevillian style tiles in black, grey, dark blue, and orange. The text says: "The Tale of Seville: The Biggest Event in the History of ESN".
Where Every Step Tells A Story
Mobilising Europe, Engaging Together conference