A plain background with a red heart and the British Youth Council on it. "This is not a goodbye statement."

On March 21st, the British Youth Council (BYC) officially announced its permanent closure after 75 years of engagement and democratic representation of youth. This represents a serious setback for youth civic society in the United Kingdom and Europe and drastically reduces opportunities for young people's representation and engagement in democratic life.

The closure compounds the challenges faced by British youth in a post-Brexit reality, where finding sustainable sources of funding for youth organisations remains a significant challenge. Our advocacy for the UK's return to the Erasmus+ programme continues, as fellow partners of the Embrace Erasmus+ campaign emphasise the importance of supporting the British youth ecosystem and providing inclusive mobility opportunities to young people in the UK and beyond.

In an era where youth civil society faces unprecedented threats, urgent action is needed to ensure the continuity of vital programmes like the UK Youth Parliament and the international UK Young Ambassadors. ESN International and ESN UK call on the UK government and partners to safeguard these initiatives.

The Erasmus Generation stands in solidarity with our British counterparts. This is not a goodbye statement. Together, we will continue the fight for youth rights and democratic representation of youth.