Following the initial online launch in January of this year, last month saw the second launch of the Erasmus+ App in a hybrid event, which gathered more than 3500 people online and in-person, from current and former Erasmus+ participants and students and student representatives to members of the European Commission, Erasmus+ National Agencies, Higher Education Institutions from all over Europe. The attendees learned about the new features of the Erasmus+ App, and how its development will support both students and universities.

Recording of the launch event can be found at the end of the article.

The event was opened by Nikolina Đurić, Communication Manager of the Erasmus Student Network, who welcomed the participants and gave the word to Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth. Gabriel referred to the Erasmus+ App as a digital meeting place, aiming to make mobility as simple and easy as possible for both students and higher education institutions. 

"Available in all European Languages, Erasmus+ App, will empower universities, communicate all the information to all students in mobility with needs before, during and after their mobility."
- Mariya Gabriel 

Through the Erasmus+ App, students will be able to apply to mobility by browsing and selecting their favourite destinations based on the university’s institutional partners and, if selected, they will be able to sign their Online Learning Agreement through the app as well. The app is giving the opportunity to its users to read tips and stories about their upcoming destinations written by previous exchange students. Mariya Gabriel announced that the app will have another feature -  the Virtual European Student Card



The Erasmus+ App aims to turn the overwhelming exchange procedure into a positive experience. It helps to make mobility more flexible and better adapted to the needs of each learner. In addition, the financial support of 28 billion provides a greener digital and inclusive aspect to education and mobility. Gabriel also implied that the new Erasmus+ App is “the perfect symbol of what we want to achieve with the new Erasmus+ Programme”.

The Rector of ELTE University, László Borhy, mentioned once again that with the latest improvements of the Erasmus+ App, students can apply to mobility directly through the app, which is making the management of the mobility applications easier. With the digitalisation of the administrative procedures, students will be guided step by step through their mobility journey.

"With this development, we have made an important step towards promoting paperless Erasmus which is a major achievement in catering to the needs of International Relations Officers who work with applications on a daily basis throughout Europe."
- László Borhy

The event continued with student dialogue which was moderated by Juan Rayón González. Current and former Erasmus+ students, Kinga Komar, Danilo Bussi, Farah Shahin and Darwyn Bruelemans, talked about their Erasmus experiences and asked their questions to Commissioner Mariya Gabriel.

After closing the student dialogue, the moderator introduced the new campaign from the Erasmus+ App and the competition that follows it. As the Erasmus+ App aims to foster peer-to-peer support, in which students help other students with content sharing within the App, it contains features such as tips & stories that can help make the experience for outgoing students easier and better. 
ESN and the Erasmus+ App consortium want to reward those who contribute to creating this community by uploading their tips in the Erasmus+ App. By submitting tips and tricks, students will enter a raffle and have a chance to win amazing prizes every month; and after 6 months, one lucky winner from the city that gathers the most tips, will have a chance to receive an Interrail voucher.
You can find more information about the competition, its phases and rules, here.

The Erasmus+ App offers a lot of features and will be further updated to accommodate more. For now, you can keep track of the preparations for your mobility abroad, read useful tips and stories written by other Erasmus+ participants and submit your own, find events organised for international students and youth, and browse discounts near you!

Students will have to worry less about bureaucratic procedures and they will have more time to focus and enjoy their experiences to the fullest.  Students will be able to join activities, read other students' experiences and also find any kind of advice that they need to start their Erasmus journeys.
- Juan Rayon Gonzalez, President of the Erasmus Student Network during the press conference at the European Commission which followed the event.

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