A picture of people hugging on a stage and a screen showing the word "Porto".

During the third edition of the biggest student-led conference in Europe, the Erasmus Generation Meeting Seville 2024, dreams came true with the big reveal of the Erasmus Destination of the Year 2024. Following the footsteps of Thessaloniki and Ghent, the spotlight now shines on Porto, who won the title among the other four amazing finalists: Istanbul, Nicosia, Sevilla, and Sofia.

The city’s vibrant culture, warm hospitality, and unwavering dedication to the Erasmus spirit have elevated it as the best destination for students this year. This prestigious title celebrates ESN Porto's exceptional commitment to nurturing a home away from home for all international students and their collaborations with local institutions towards better and more inclusive mobility.

The Erasmus Destination of the Year spotlights the efforts of student associations in supporting student mobility at the city level. The initiative is a testament to young people, as members of the Erasmus Generation, playing a key role in impactful actions towards more and better mobility programmes.

The Erasmus Destination of the Year is more than just another initiative or competition. It is proof that student organisations are making a positive change in society and internationalisation. This is what ESN and the Erasmus Generation are all about. We are the drivers of change and the leaders of today. - Lina Mohorić, Communication Manager of ESN International

All ESN local associations were encouraged to apply, either by joining forces or individually, if there is only one association in the city. After an internal evaluation, Porto, together with runner-ups Nicosia and Sofia, Istanbul and Sevilla, made it to the finals, which led them to presenting their city in front of the 1,600 participants of EGM Seville 2024. Next to the vote of the audience at the conference, the external jury made up of representatives from the European Commission, EAIE, Academic Cooperation Association, European Youth Forum, and Young European Federalists decided on the winner, taking into account important factors such as collaboration with key stakeholders, Higher Education Institution(s), the municipality and other local partners ensuring a quality mobility experience for students.

ESN Porto volunteers at EGM Seville 2024 with their flag and the flag of the Erasmus Destination of the Year.

This title is the corroboration of more than 30 years of work between ESN Porto and all the other local changemakers and institutions that tirelessly work every day to make the "Invincible City" the best place to go on Erasmus. Transporting the essence of the International Student experience in Porto to the stage of EGM Sevilla was extremely rewarding, and the validation from over 1600 members of the 'Erasmus Generation' serves as a powerful affirmation of our collective efforts and the significance of this recognition. - Vitor Bizarro, President of ESN Porto

As a city welcoming more than 4,000 international students every year, Porto breathes the Erasmus spirit. However, at the centre of this spirit is ESN Porto and its volunteers’ invaluable support of the Erasmus+ programme and mobility in general. The work of their student association serves as an example and inspiration for anyone working in internationalisation, which will hopefully pave the way towards making the Erasmus+ programme, the leading European programme in student mobility, even more attractive and accessible to everyone.