From the 14th to the 17th of November, Erasmus Student Network MU welcomed 42 board members from 19 National Organisations of the Erasmus Student Network for the National Boards’ Meeting (NBM), a training event taking place at the confluence of two continents, in the Turkish capital Istanbul. 

Supported by the Maltepe University, the training event created the space for the ESN volunteers to gain knowledge, develop and enhance their skills, as well as discuss the topics relevant for the future work of all the levels of the organisation. The workshops, based on non-formal education methods and delivered by trainers from the ESN pool, allowed participants to dive into topics such as Leadership, External Communication, Advocacy, Training Design, Conflict and Stress Management, Sustainable Development Goals, Public Speaking and more. 

The participants used the opportunity to exchange ideas and practices, discuss their countries’ realities and plans, as well as raise questions about different aspects of their daily work within their organisations, and about the cooperation with different stakeholders. 

"As this was the first time giving a multiple-day training at an international event, I was quite nervous and excited at the same time. It was a great opportunity to strengthen my skills, as well as to gain confidence as a trainer. No matter what you do, stay true to who you are and give all you got to make the best out of the learning experience for yourself and others. I definitely want to continue to develop myself as a trainer and these kinds of opportunities are just pure gold." - Mary Wardak (ESN Sweden), trainer