A picture of people with flags and dark blue ripped paper with text: "More Mobility, Better Mobility and More European University Alliances".

As the European Commission announced the results of the 2024 Erasmus+ call for the European Universities initiative, the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) stands at the forefront, ready to embrace the newly approved 14 European University Alliances.

ESN is thrilled to see one of the key milestones of the European Strategy for Universities achieved, with 64 alliances representing more than 500 universities. Additionally, as stated in the communication by the European Commission, we are pleased with the diversity set by the alliances, as we believe mobility must be a reality for all. The European University Alliances encompass 35 countries, including all EU Member States, as well as Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Montenegro, the Republic of North Macedonia, Norway, Serbia, Türkiye, and 400 higher education institutions from Ukraine as associated partners.

We also welcome the contributions of more than 2,200 associated partners, of which ESN is proud to be a part, contributing daily to the initiative. In the future, we hope that more funding mechanisms can be explored for the associated partners.

ESN would like to extend special congratulations to the PIONEER and HEROES University Alliances, which we have supported throughout their application process. We look forward to the next steps in these exciting collaborations. Additionally, we would like to congratulate the SUNRISE University Alliance, particularly the Università Politecnica delle Marche (UNIVPM), on the new opportunities ahead. We are especially thrilled as UNIVPM will be the host for the Erasmus Generation Meeting Ancona 2025, ESN’s flagship event.

Furthermore, ESN would like to congratulate the FOR-EU4All, the approved European Universities Community of Practice coordinated by the ECIU Alliance, to which ESN will contribute as an associate partner. Alongside the alliances, the Community of Practice offers a platform for sharing best practices, fostering innovation, and building growth within the higher education sector. ESN recognises the value of this community in increasing student engagement, encouraging civic participation, and ensuring that the projects and strategies established have a long-term impact.

The European Universities Initiative has been a beacon of innovation and collaboration, bringing together institutions and students from across the continent to foster a sense of unity and shared purpose. ESN has been an active participant in this transformative journey, advocating for seamless mobility and inclusive opportunities. The launch of new alliances signifies a commitment to expanding this vision, creating a network of institutions that not only share resources and knowledge but also work collectively to address the pressing challenges of our time, promoting European values and strengthening the European Identity.

As we celebrate the new 14 European University Alliances, and as highlighted in our contribution - Navigating the Future of the European University Alliances - ESN reaffirms its dedication to the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education principles in monitoring and supporting the alliances.

As we look to the future and enter a new political cycle in the European Union, ESN hopes that the ambitious goals set by the European Strategy for Universities will be met with sufficient funding in the upcoming discussions on the Multiannual Financial Framework and the new Erasmus+ programme.


Written by: Rita Dias, President of ESN, and Konstantina Kyriakou, Liaison Officer for Higher Education Cooperation