The Erasmus Student Network urges action from the EU Institutions in the ongoing negotiations concerning Hungary's access to EU funds and their potential impact on the availability of Erasmus+ opportunities for Hungarian students.  ESN emphasises the significance of separating the concerns about the rule of law from the participation in learning mobility opportunities within the broader context of EU-HU political negotiations. 

The ongoing access of Hungary to the Erasmus+ programme is crucial for the mutual benefit of both Hungary and the EU. The Programme contributes significantly to the increase in the number of students, staff, and cooperation projects, enhancing the overall quality of these initiatives. Inclusivity and equal opportunities constitute a cornerstone of the Erasmus+ programme. Hence, no one should be left behind. We urge both parties to create a pathway for continuous funding of Erasmus+ opportunities in Hungary. 

We welcome the petition launched by the National Youth Council in Hungary (NIT), which requests that “students from Hungarian universities should not be the victims of the dispute between the EU and Hungarian government” and stands in alignment with Commissioner Iliana Ivanova’s statement on the importance of finding a resolution between Hungary and the European Commission “to ensure that students do not suffer as a result of political conflicts.”

As a bridge to achieve this and to reinforce the commitment to student mobility, we call for a reinforced commitment to the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education principles. To ensure that the spirit of the programme is kept, we urge increased monitoring by the Hungarian National Agency,  without the interference of any other governmental actors. This increasing oversight is crucial to guarantee that the principles enshrined in the Erasmus Charter are actively and effectively practised, ensuring that Erasmus+ funds contribute optimally to the advancement of higher education in Hungary.

Considering the importance of Erasmus+ plays in the journey of Hungarian students, enriching them with unparalleled experiences and contributing to their personal, professional and educational development, the Erasmus Student Network (ESN)  will continue advocating for finding a favourable resolution. 


For further information and queries, please contact:

Rita Dias, President, Erasmus Student Network | [email protected]
Blanka Korsós, President, Erasmus Student Network Hungary |  [email protected]


Written by: Lovro Morović (Policy Assistant for Youth & Education at ESN AISBL), Sara Tagliabracci (Global Mobility Coordinator and Policy Intern at ESN AISBL), Rita Dias (President of ESN AISBL)
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