A cut out of three people hugging on a plain background and text: "Mobilising Europe, Engaging Together; 12 February 2024; Ghent, Belgium".

In the heart of Ghent, on the 12th of February 2024, a transformative event awaits as we invite you to join us in celebrating and promoting active citizenship at the "Mobilising Europe, Engaging Together" conference, organised by the Erasmus Student Network and funded by the European Union.

The event will take place at the University of Ghent (Ceremoniezaal, Campus Aula, Voldersstraat 9, 9000 Gent) from 10:00 to 18:30 CET.

This gathering is, in fact, more than a conference; it is a collaboration to shape the future of Europe as we approach the European Parliament elections in June 2024. The live agenda of the event can be found here.


What can you expect from the event?

Ghent, the European Capital of Youth and the Erasmus Destination of the Year 2023, holds a special significance this year when it comes to youth engagement and the transformative force of active citizenship. The conference will create a space for debates and dialogues to tackle key aspects of democratic engagement and explore the rights of mobile citizens abroad, allowing for meaningful knowledge sharing and interaction between citizens, young people, institutions, policymakers (EU, national, regional, and local), and civil society

We will take the opportunity to come together in Ghent and launch the most recent initiatives that the Erasmus Student Network has been working on. In the first part of the conference, we will formally launch the XV ESNsurvey results, offering insights into students' perspectives on the future of mobility. And before lunch, we will introduce, for the first time, the "voting from abroad" tool, providing students abroad with accessible information on their voting process. Last but not least, the event will culminate with the start of the discussion on "Future is Erasmus”, a key initiative from the Erasmus Student Network for the discussion of the future of the programme.

Join us in shaping the narrative of active citizenship, forging connections, and contributing to a future of Europe where every citizen plays a vital role. Register now for the “Mobilising Europe, Engaging Together” conference on the 12th of February 2024.