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Removing Barriers for Active and Equal Participation at Europe’s Largest Student-led Conference on Student Mobility

The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is thrilled to unveil the third edition of the Erasmus Generation Meeting (EGM), Europe’s premier gathering for students, educators, and stakeholders dedicated to international mobility and youth engagement. EGM 2024 will be held from the 4th to the 7th of April 2024 at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería, University of Seville, Spain.

This year’s edition of EGM, the largest student-led conference of its kind, is dedicated to addressing pressing issues in international mobility and youth engagement. With the central theme of "Removing barriers for active and equal participation", this unique event will bring together over 1000 participants from across Europe and beyond to foster dialogue, exchange ideas, and work collectively to enhance international experiences and promote equal participation.

EGM Seville 2024 is based on two central pillars:

  • Inclusive International Opportunities, seeking to expand global opportunities for students and young people and ensuring that access to mobility is open to all;

  • Participation in Democratic Life, aligned with the upcoming 2024 European Parliament elections, EGM will encourage youth involvement in shaping the future of Europe, sponsored by ESN’s flagship project, "Erasmus Generation in Action", co-funded by the European Parliament.


The event will seamlessly combine an Opening Ceremony, a Flag Parade as a celebration of unity in diversity, daily plenary sessions, smaller interactive sessions, and the EGM Expo, the event's knowledge hub, where institutional and commercial partners can directly connect with participants, promoting mobility and the possibilities for our volunteers to learn more about new opportunities from abroad.

Over 100 dynamic sessions will address a range of issues, including equal opportunities, discrimination, and active citizenship. Participants will collaborate to seek solutions, share best practices, and advocate for marginalised groups, including individuals with disabilities, the LGBTQI+ community, and those facing discrimination.

The Erasmus Generation Meeting serves as a vital platform for stakeholders and volunteers to collaborate and drive positive change in the international education landscape while showcasing the commitment of the Erasmus Generation to improve learning mobility programmes around the world and foster youth engagement and skills development.

Higher Education Institutions, National Agencies, European Institutions, and Civil Society Organisations are invited to register for the conference through this link. Other than participating, you are more than welcome to become a part of the rich content of the Erasmus Generation Meeting. To stay informed about the upcoming announcements, make sure to follow our LinkedIn and Facebook events.