On April 21st, the Erasmus Student Network will rally volunteers from its 500 sections in celebration of ExchangeAbility Day 2016.

ExchangeAbility Day is a new initiative of the ExchangeAbility project that will bring Europe together through events and activities that raise awareness about obstacles faced daily by students with disabilities. The initiative also aims to promote mobility to students with disabilities.

Studying abroad is becoming more popular and an ever increasing amount of students go on a student exchange every year. However, when it comes to students with disabilities, the numbers are not increasing at the same rate. That is why the Erasmus Student Network believes that it is high time to improve the conditions for these students. A parallel goal of the project is to make ESN more inclusive and accessible as an organisation.

On ExchangeAbility Day, ESN sections from all around Europe will organise events and activities under the ExchangeAbility project, focusing this year on the topic of accessibility. As a follow-up of this day a social media campaign entitled 'What is accessibility for you?' will be organised on April 24th to raise awareness on this topic. ESN volunteers and Erasmus+ students are encouraged to post photos or short videos explaining what accessibility means to them. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness about accessibility and its importance for the inclusion of students with disabilities in mainstream culture.

ExchangeAbility Day 2016 is set to prepare the Network for the year 2016-2017, when it assumes the status of Flagship Project of the Erasmus Student Network. To follow the event, use the hashtags #ExchangeAbilityDay, #WhatIsAccessibility and #THISisESN.