A group picture of young people holding an ESN flag.

Discover a world of possibilities with diverse opportunities offered by the Erasmus+ projects. Delve into the intricacies of application procedures, qualification criteria, and firsthand experiences shared by former participants. ESN MRU Vilnius extended an invitation to an Erasmus+ projects intern responsible for organising these initiatives to share insights with exchange students.

Erasmus+ projects offer plenty of opportunities for young people to travel, explore and learn. During the workshop, ESN MRU Vilnius explained the application procedures in detail, sharing insights and experiences with the participants. The primary objective was to empower students with knowledge about European project opportunities, encourage their participation to embrace the global dimensions of education, foster personal growth and establish international connections. During the online meeting, guests engaged in interactive discussions and had the opportunity to pose questions to the highly experienced speaker, Alika Oraztayeva.

Alika Oraztayeva, the featured speaker, brought a wealth of experience to the discussion. Engaged in both working with and organising Erasmus+ projects, she has visited five countries through these initiatives. Her firsthand experiences and insights enriched discussions, shedding light on the practical aspects and the significance of Erasmus+.

Oraztayeva’s engaging webinar underscored the transformative power of Erasmus+ projects and opportunities. Beyond formalities, her invaluable tips and tricks resonated with aspiring participants, providing a roadmap to amplify the impact of these opportunities. She instilled a profound understanding of Erasmus+ as a catalyst for personal development, intercultural exchange and skill enhancement, solidifying its position as a gateway to a truly enriching and educational journey. Drawing from her own experiences, Alika has shared tips about the application process for these projects, along with various tricks on how to make the most of these opportunities.

The objective was to equip participants and inspire them to embark on their own Erasmus+ journeys. ESN MRU Vilnius is dedicated to guiding students through the application process and fostering a supportive community for those eager to embrace the global dimensions of education. Alika's guidance offers a headstart, paving the way for future transformative experiences for individuals seeking to broaden their horizons and shape their educational paths in the most diverse way possible.

Erasmus+ is more than just a programme; it is an opportunity for students to broaden their perspectives, learn from each other, and develop numerous skills. As the workshop by ESN MRU Vilnius has shown, ESN offers invaluable support in not only integrating international students into the local communities but also educating the local students about mobility opportunities that might change their lives.