We are looking for candidates to be featured in the new Erasmus+ official video.

So who exactly do we need?

A person who undertook a traineeship abroad with the Erasmus+ programme and is now working in this company or in the same sector.
The goal is to visualise a "dream story". The student/young employer should now be working in her/his dream job, thanks to the traineeship undertaken.

What will be produced?

An official video promoting the Erasmus+ traineeships and how the programme changes lives. All that based on a personal story of the selected candidate.
The video should demonstrate that by providing support to young people to undertake traineeships abroad, Erasmus+ can create a bridge that helps young people secure proper employment.

Where do the candidates need to be located?

The location does not matter  - the best story will be chosen for the video.

How many people will be selected?

Only one person will make it for the interview

Does the type of the exchange programme matter?

Yes, only the Erasmus+ programme participants are eligible.
(that means that the traineeship took place no earlier than in 2014)

How to apply?

Send an e-mail to [email protected] with the topic "Erasmus+ Success Story" by Thursday, April 23th 2015, 23:59 CET

Please include:

  • a paragraph telling us your story of the Erasmus+ traineeship success
  • your picture.
  • extra information about the company and any additional links
  • an explanation of how you found your traineeship
  • If you have been interviewed before or starred in a video, send us the link too.


Example of a final product: