Nova Sport App is a social network that allows students to find Sports Buddies in their University/College Community. Students are connected with each other based on their location and the sports that they have in common. Students can also create spontaneous sports activities to find others to join them.

The App will help Erasmus and international students to integrate into the student life through sport and to socialise with the local students from their host university.

The Nova Sport App is free of charge for all users and the app does not request any Mastercard or Visa card information. Each student can have a free account.


Nova Sport mission & objectives in the scope of the partnership with ESN

Nova Sport app will support each student:

  • To integrate the student’s social life and make friends through sports
  • Stay active next to their studies in their destination country
  • To connect with their fellow ESN students as well as the local students from the host university 
  • To allow practise of the local language through a social, recreational and healthy activity 
  • To encourage student participation in sports activities and events organized by the sections
  • To discover new sports and local sports in their destination country

How to use the Nova Sport App?

  1. Download the App for free on Google Play or the App Store
  2. When creating your account select your university/college in your host country
  3. Then select the sports that you practice or would like to practice & your level in each sport
  4. The app will connect you automatically with all the students from your university/college community based on the sports that you have in common with them and your location 
  5. You can find sports buddies by sending private invitations or creating spontaneous sports activities for others to join you

The Nova Sport App allows students (Erasmus/international/local students) to:

  • Find sport partners
  • Create activities
  • Join groups, clubs and teams
  • Share each other experiences and best practice
  • Stay informed about the sports events ESN is organizing for them