Meet Our Writers.

ESNblog is a place for young people to discover more about mobility, multiculturalism and the opportunities they have. You will find answers to your questions, study tips, real Erasmus and travel stories that will put a smile on your face while daydreaming about your next destination.

Us, the writers, we are ESN volunteers, active citizens with different backgrounds who share the same values. We strive towards a more diverse and inclusive society. We believe education is not only formal and mobility plays an important role in personal development. Get to know us and let’s embrace diversity together!

Myrto Delkou
Press Team Coordinator

Valentina Botica

Iva Yordanova

Natalia Gordon

My name is Myrto and what you need to know about me is I love writing and I love music. I joined the ESNblog team in spring 2018. I fell in love with writing when I learned how to write, I've been writing non-stop ever since and now I've found a community in which everyone loves to do what I love to do and that has given me inspiration to keep going, to write more, to try different things and to keep expressing myself through words on paper. My favorite thing in the world, whether it's through writing or music, is telling a story and seeing people relate to it, love it, make it part of their own stories. 

People often tell me I am a good storyteller, and that I transfer emotions from written words to their feelings. Isn’t that what we are trying to do with our blog? By knowing inspiring people, we can tell you their incredible stories, and the feelings we wish to ignite in you are happiness, satisfaction, compassion, determination - all the things that go together with self-growth and exchange. Those are my favorite topics to talk and write about. Seems fair from a graduated journalist, an addict to multiculturality who can’t settle down in one place, a vlogger in the making, and a perpetually sad person because most of her friends live in other countries.

My name is Iva and I am really happy to be part of the ESNblog.
I discovered my passion for writing quite late in my life but I’ve always had a big imagination and thirst for expressing my thoughts to others. I joined the ESNblog in 2019 with the the idea to share my Erasmus experience and inspire more people to go on that life-changing experience. But I also find it useful for myself as I am discovering new things that are interesting to me and I am gaining knowledge from the other writers on the blog. It is definitely a win-win situation and I am lucky to be part of the “Voice” of the Erasmus Generation.
I joined the ESNblog team in the winter of 2016 but my journey with writing started way earlier. My mum always tells a story about how determined I was as a child to learn how to write so I could put my words on paper. Now, I still enjoy writing my thoughts down, but I also love writing about many different subjects... From my thoughts, through stories and poems, to travel articles - words always were my friends.

Vasiliki Kati

Stamatia Koutzagkoulaki

Guillaume Minot

Jessica Alves

My name is Vasiliki and I joined the ESNblog in spring 2018. One of the things I like the most is writing, it helps me express myself and at the same time discover more about me and the world through words on paper, that is why I always pay attention to people, trying to find the hidden story behind them. As a lover of the sea and the sun , summer travelling is my favourite kind of travelling. Self expression is a powerful procedure and mine is on paper or on a dance stage.

My name is Stamatia and I joined the ESNblog in July 2019! I use writing as a way to express the way I experience the world. I like writing down memories, ideas and thoughts not only to see how I have changed as a person, but also to reflect and process whatever comes my way. I also love learning about other cultures, their history and artists as well as studying languages. If I am not doing something of the above I will be either riding my bicycle or learning about the most fascinating machine, the computer! My name is Guillaume, your friendly Franco-Scandinavian writer who joined the ESNblog team in November 2017. As writing goes, I like to write about pretty much anything that pops into my head, but I guess you could say my comfort zone is humor. I like to make people laugh in my daily social interactions and I guess that’s what you’ll find in some of my articles, but for the blog I’m trying to diversify my topics and challenge myself (just a bit - I still like to write after all). A writer of all things mobility and, on my spare time, I write fiction about empowered women. Like a true chameleon, I change (hair) colours depending on my mood or my environment. My writing style is a little bit like that: I adapt myself to whatever theme I want to convey. For more info, check your nearest ESNblog article (hopefully).

Stefania Papameti

Anastasia Ntalamaga
Diana Dupu
Marianna Papadopoulou
I've always been told I was a child with an imagination a bit too vivid for their own good, but if you ask me I wouldn't change it for anything! Bringing ideas into life is one of the most exciting things to me and that's what motivated me to join the ESNblog team in May 2018. If there's anything I hope to contribute to it is encouraging more people to escape their comfort zone and be the happiest version of themselves! My name is Anastasía and I have the pleasure to call myself a psychologist (Ladies and Gentlemen, evacuate the room)! Since I was a kid, I had three passions: Writing, dancing and psychology. The ESNblog gives me the opportunity to practice two of them, so in spring of 2019 I did the math (and a pirouette) and said "Yeeeah baby". I write mostly about feelings, well-being and all this meaningful stuff. I have a personal blog but the ESNblog is cozier, as I feel like a part of a big international, intercultural, interamazing family! I'm Diana and I currently work as a translator for TREI Publishing House. I have been featured in TAST Zine (Spain), Thought Catalogue (New York), Big Birds Collective (Ireland), Word-O-Mat (Sweden) and various Romanian magazines (Steaua, Echinox). I went on Erasmus twice and I plan on volunteering with the European Solidarity Corps as soon as possible. My name is Marianna and I am a Civil Engineer (to be). Although I am passionate with media; editor and luckily radio producer. I joined the ESNblog team, in December 2019. I use writing to express my feelings, inspire people and trigger conversations. Letting someone read your thoughts is a fascinating kind of vulnerability. When I'm not writing, I volunteer or making playlists. If none of the above are happening, you will probably find me conteplating in a foreign city!


Anastasiia Mykytenko
Cláudia Aragão
I am calling myself a writer of ESNblog since 2019 and I am very excited about the possibility to do so. I enjoy the freedom of choosing the topics and creating something beautiful with our lovely team. From opening my laptop and the sound of pressing the keys to looking at comments from our proofreaders, I love every moment of the writing process. That kind of love I discovered in ESN so I am twice as happy to be there. I hope, the result of my passion will make your exchange experience more exciting. I don't really know when I started writing, but it has been there all my life. I love to communicate, inform people, keep up to date - I think that's why journalism was my natural path. I have a curious but also very dreamy mind. That way, I can write about very random vague things, but also quickly change to write about the latest news in the world. I joined the ESNblog team in December 2019, which gave me the opportunity to revive my ways of writing and to re-ignite this passion that was put aside for a while. I'm kind of in love with traveling, music, mobility and all forms of communication - so these might be some of the things that you can find on my articles, hopefully inspiring you, like they inspire me!    
Let’s talk about what I call the “good student meets the real world” phenomenon. You know it.. It’s when you do everything right in school, only to find that those skills that helped you succeed academically are close to useless in the real world.
You have already been in that city and you have seen the main tourist attractions, you had the chance to know the city and its main streets and squares. Now, you are somewhere in between being a tourist and being a local. Same city. A second attempt.
New year, new semester, new goals! This is the year we will be aiming to achieve something… that something can be mastering a new skill, building new good habits or leaving bad habits behind.
ESNers and students with an international mindset have something in common: the love for travel and learning about new cultures.
Studying abroad was my number 1 motivator while applying to university. The thought of spending a semester abroad was a dream come true.
Usually when one thinks of a university exchange, the thing that comes to mind is European countries and foreign languages.