Monday, 24 February, 2020 - 11:47

Green has two meanings with the amazing ESN UTH - ESN section in the spotlight

ESN UTH, a very young section that shines bright, rightfully earned our spotlight this month! To find out what makes them stand out and how they grew from zero to 29 members in just one year, continue reading!

The story of ESN UTH started with a small presentation and a big vision - having heard the Vice President of ESN Greece talk about ESN, a couple of enthusiasts quickly teamed up to create what was to become a section in the spotlight just one year later. Such motivation and of course, hard work! But how did they manage to grow so fast?

Their little secret was - events. As they were a brand new ESN section, they needed to recruit full-speed, so their main recruiting method was through events that proved to be very popular and gathered more and more curious students, who wished to join their team.

Now, the team counts 29 active members, seven of which are in the board: The President, two Vice Presidents, Treasurer, Communication Manager, Local Representative and Web Project Administrator.

Despite being a young section, some of the members of ESN UTH have already participated in many national, but also some international events! They haven’t missed a single National Platform, while their president started the international journey as a volunteer at last year’s AGM and will continue it this year as a delegate. Meanwhile, both the President and the Vice President upgraded their knowledge for their section at SEEP Baku, but they don’t stop there - the President is also a proud member of ICE in the field of Advocacy and Knowledge!

With such a great team, there must be some great ideas!

That’s right. For ESN UTH, “green” doesn’t just mean their young membership - it has a much bigger meaning, and that is environmental care. Apart from organising popular events such as karaoke evenings, pub crawls, and international dinners, they have come up with an amazing event that teaches students how to treat the environment properly, and that attracts local students and motivates them to do the same. Named “Beach cleaning”, you can suppose what its main activity is - to clean up the beach, but it is organised as a trip in nature at the same time.

Held twice so far, it is a master plan that the section wants to develop and try to include the biggest possible number of people, local students, stakeholders, and local authorities in. Their aim is to cover a large surface for the biggest benefits to the earth, and for the loudest possible message to the local society. If a group of students can do it, everyone should! The success of the event speaks in numbers - almost 100 participants in each event, and two articles about it in the media! And that is just the beginning.

An inspiring bunch!

We already realised they are a very hard working section. Growing and developing so much in just one year shows dedication and love for what they do.

Full of ambition and incredible motivation, they don’t stop working as a team to achieve better results, and in the end, better rewards. One of them is the evolutionSTAR from the previous National Board - a reward that reminded them that they have to continue doing what they do, and never stop impressing the network, society, and themselves. 

As they say, the reason they applied for the Section in the Spotlight is to show their work and motivation to others and to inspire other small sections to do the same.

You heard it - with great motivation comes great impact. And that is the biggest reward of all!

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