Wednesday, 28 April, 2021 - 21:42

Five Years of ESNblog

This month, the ESNblog celebrates its fifth anniversary! We’ve had ups and downs and even in a very complicated year, we never stopped writing. From the ESNblog team, here are the top 5 most-read articles of the year.

  1.  10 Films to Watch during Self-Isolation

It’s not a surprise that in a year marked by a global pandemic, our most read article is about how to keep yourself entertained while self-isolated. 

      2. Quarantine Time: Learn a Language!

Keeping up the theme in a positive light, in a search for entertainment and knowledge, one of our writers told you how to find the right language and learn it in a fun way. No excuses when we’re bound to our houses!

      3. Erasmus+ Explained - Most Asked Questions About the Most Successful European Programme

Because this is the ESNblog, an article answering Frequently Asked Questions about Erasmus+ is just the thing that you needed. From “what is the plus in Erasmus+?” to “how to apply?”, everything you need to know in a compact article.

     4. Enjoying Erasmus in the Time of Coronavirus

Looking for entertainment during lockdown really was a popular one this year. We will always provide you with tips and tricks to help fight that boredom!

     5. Living Alone for The First Time

Last but not least, an article about living alone for the first time and how our writer overcomes the loneliness of it all. A really wonderful read.


We’ve had five wonderful years, let’s hope that there will be five more to come. Thank you for reading!


Erasmus, Volunteering
Usually when one thinks of a university exchange, the thing that comes to mind is European countries and foreign languages.
Bologna is renowned as the student city of Italy making it the perfect Italian Erasmus destination with its foundations of intellectual prowess, political history, architectural impressiveness, and gastronomical excellence.
We may think our Erasmus city will be our home for just a few months, but for some of us, it becomes home even after the mobility is over. Here are two stories of people, who shared why they chose to live in their Erasmus city.
A new life. One of the many trips you have done, but this time is just feeling different. Your heart is pumping so fast and you’re a little bit sweaty, as you know this time, this journey involves many other aspects.
These study tips have changed the way I study. I achieved my academic goals and had additional time to do what I truly enjoy.
There are many different forms of exchanges, even within Europe.